Competition in any form brings out the best in people and pushes them to excel. In schools, if used effectively, it can enhance learning

Classes For Competitive Exams

Special classes are held after school hours to prepare and guide students for competitive classes like NTSE, NSTSE, NCO, NSO, IMO, Aryabhatta, KVPY, IIT-JEE, NEET etc. School buses are plied on game routes.

Audio Visual Education

All classes are imparted audio visual education. Films shown are graded keeping in mind the requirement of each class.

Seminars And Workshop

Seminars on related subjects for the senior students form and integral part of the school CURRICULUM.

Socially useful and productive work (S.U.P.W.) is “The Third Dimension of Education”. It develops skills and is productivity oriented. "The following activities" would be done by rotation.